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Leather worker, Costume Designer, Props Maker.

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Gabriele Stazi

I was born in Rome in March 1984, but currently I live and work in Castiglione in Teverina, near Orvieto.   The Fantasy genre and role-playing games have always fascinated me, and around 14 years old, I developed a passion for live action role-playing games (Larp) and for costumes that encouraged me to create my first leather works. Seeing that the results were as good as the passion I put in it, I decided to try to transform my passion in a true job. In 2006, thus, I founded “l’Emporio del Kloor’a’Kawn”, a company specialized in the designing and production of costumes for Live Action Role Playing games, with which later I found my way in the world of the theatre and international cinema ( Around 2012 the first collaborations with the world of the Italian and Hollywood cinema came around. I received commissions for the productions of Ben Hur, Exodus and Pirates of the Caribbean and the first collaborations with companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Riot Games and Ubisoft, for whom I crafted some official replicas for titles like Assassin’s Creed Liberation and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. For years, I have been a faithful partner of Lucca Comics and Gamestoo, and for the Lucca C&G two costumes represented on the covers of the 2013 and 2015 editions (Riot Games and Karl Kopinski) saw the light between my hands. In 2013, Marco Soresina was “guilty” of bringing me into a collaboration through which I discovered and fell in love with the Performance Area and its inhabitants, where I participated in collaborations with artists like Antonio De Luca, Ciruelo Cabral and Monte Michael Moore. As I am not a traditional artist, I decided to try to make leather paintings, mixing the traditional art of leather working with themes linked to the Fantasy and comics worlds. My works are all made with a mix of leather chiseling and incision, waxes, acrylic and leather water-based colors… plus whatever the inspiration calls for in that moment. Nowadays, I keep working in the world of Cinema and Larp, producing personalized costumes and Costume Design and Prop making items.

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